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I am a certified Hypnotist with a wickedly creative mind. Some call my kind "deviant", I accept that but I like to think of myself as fun, clever and wicked. This isn't just my job it's part of my actual life!

Specializing in a seductive Domination my MP3'S include, manipulation,  feminization, mesmerizing, cuckolding, BDSM, humiliation and much much more.

I am dominant by nature which does not mean I walk around with a whip and chain screaming curse words at men. Not to say I haven’t been known to do that, however I am, as a rule, much more “subtle” in controlling my men then that.

To me complete domination is about making you want what I want. I could stand over you and beat you into submission but that’s no guarantee that when you walk away you will continue to follow my will, my instructions. However, if you want what I want chances are you will behave in a manner I find pleasing!

Domination should not hurt your life it should enhance it. The happier you are the more you will enjoy our interactions. The more successful you are the more you have to spend, the healthier you are the happier you will be! All of this equals more interaction with me. After all who doesn’t want to be with someone who makes their life better? I want you to be a bright shining star….in my sky.  I don’t want dim lights in my sky. If you come to me Feminine Domination will enhance your life and through complete surrender you too can experience complete pleasure!

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