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C-Men Milking

.wmv and .mp4

Release date:  09/2013



Doctor Candice is on the hunt for the hidden male G-spot, going where most men have not gone before! Using my expert skill and technique to find that prostate gland. To milk you, squeeze you drain you!! Not into a prostate milk? What a shame but it wont matter this milking is all about the orgasm and you will give it to me! First I use my trusty stethoscope to relax you nd bring you down to a dreamy hypnotic state and then your ready for your exam! Once Mistress is convinced you are ready the milking begins the C-men milking will begin!

Yes there is nudity, yes there is a cum command, yes it is NAUGHTY!

Format:  .wmv and mp4

Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 24 +  minutes

Price: $39.99


a review

Hello, Mistress Candice.

After leaving a five star rating, I wanted to further tell you how much

I enjoyed C-men Milking as the review only allowed me 255 characters

in which it is impossble to describe the pleasure having my prostate

milked by you. I actually thought I had truly and completely

overcome my addiction to sex and porn as my very high-profile,

public position heavily frowns on overt sexuality. However, you have

awakened something within me that actually led to my releasing the thickest,

largest load I have ever released in my entire life all while moaning your name

only to open my eyes and find myself sitting in a pool of orgasmic bliss that

permeated my business suit...all while sitting at my desk. Despite being nervous

as to whether or not my secretary overheard my moaning, with my pulsating

cock still throbbing and oozing residual cum, I commenced to release

a second spattering of sticky jizz all over my keyboard as you commanded

me to cum.


Thank you so much for the best orgasm I've ever had!



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