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Cum Slut - Man Slut

in wmv and mp4


Release date:  05/2013


So you've come to get your rocks off but masturbation can get a little boring by itself. Need encouragement, direction guidance?  Well if your going to cum you might as well do it how and when I want you to!  This deviant Mistress quite enjoys draining all her filthy mcnasty's. Yes that's right you heard me. I like draining you. Creating a conscious and sometime subconscious association with the pleasure of the body. Just another method used to condition the body to respond to my voice in a stimulated manner. It entertains you, it benefits me, its a win win for us both. This little video is all about stroking without stopping as the porn video roles on and on. Can you follow along? Can you keep stroking without cumming until told? How big will your held back load be? We can only know at the end! Pretty much all nudity, all fucking all sucking all the time. So The sample is going to be QUICK. And you are going to have to click it to get to it. Too dirty to just have thrown up on the page!

Format:  wmv and mp4

Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 6 min 57 seconds


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