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Release date:  04/2010


Twisted tease and denial for those who want to serve, this erotically charged recording transports you into a perfect world where man serves the goddess of perfection. Where there are no decisions to make other than to accept being sucked into the world you have always wanted to be a part of. Combining the experience of this world with your own to intensify the "triggers" of service to dominant women. Here your choice to become a Kendoll is one of serving, stimulation and pleasure. But as you will see in the end getting what you want may not be exactly what you thought it would be. The entire experience of this recording was carefully crated to take your desire to serve beyond the dreamy sexual state into your every day life!


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Format: MP3 Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: no
Length: 34 minutes, 52 seconds
Price: $34.99

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