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Blissful Obedience

3 files 1 low price!

HD-MP4-MP3 One for your PC, One for your Mac and the audio for your mp3 players

Release date:  09/2011

With tons of audio effect tracks if you listen to this with a headset you will discover this video has an additional depth that will take you further than you thought you could go!


Brainwashing has never been so euphoric! You already know there is pleasure to be had through obedience but today it goes further than that  obedience is bliss! The stress and strain of life will lift like bubbles from a warm bath. Leaving you free of thought so there is nothing left to do but feel. Following instructions is much easier to do when you don't have a direction of your own so just follow my erotic path. Follow me to the euphoric, orgasmic state of being through service. Let your mind and body follow automatically.. you don't need to think about that now ... you need not have conscious control over what happens there is nothing but bliss through service!

Nudity, mind control fetish, EROTIC hypnosis

HD SAMPLE                      MP4 SAMP


Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 21 +  minutes
Price: $33.99



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