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The Cum Game







Extending an orgasm through orgasm control!  Turning masturbation instruction into a game Mistress Candice will train your brain and enhance the orgasmic experience! The first part of the game is about restraint. As Mistress Guides you through the masturbation process you are watching a naked beauty tease you and then she pleases herself! Can you hold back? No worries I'll help you through it. The second half gets much HARDER as the images get much more intense! Yes the sex goes from a single girl teasing and pleasing to an eager couple who go at it hard. Mistress Candice guiding you through the whole experience I will let you know when to cum! Will you be distracted by the video of the hot and horny couple? Will you be distracted by the sounds of their skin slapping against skin, breasts bouncing, moaning groaning sex? Every player is a winner!

If you are offended by porn DO NOT WATCH!



Vocal Sound Effects:  yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: YES
Length: 14 +  minutes

NOW ONLY 19.99


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