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The Dirty Detective

 (role Play-Hypnosis)

Release date:  7/2014




The ULTIMATE power exchange!!! You wake up in your car, in the dark with a fuzzy, foggy mind. Lights behind you flashing a beautiful yet menacing cop whose form can't be covered with even the most unflattering of uniforms, walks up to the side of you car. She pulls you out of the car to search your body but you have something specific she is looking for and you aren't going any where until she gets it. You say nothing but you feel fear and excitement. You can�t help your bodies response to physical stimuli and she seems to know it, enjoy it. She is becoming drunk with the lustful power she has over you as you grow weaker. Even a detective has needs and hers will be met or she will take you downtown and throw you in with all the other animals! Do as your told boy this Dirty detective isn't walking away until her lustful desires are satiated.


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Format: MP3 Download-link AND attachment
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes ,

approx 30 min




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