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The Dungeon

Obedience-BDSM- hypnosis

Release date:  11/2009



Using an Overload induction I give the mind so much to occupy itself that eventually trance comes as a welcome relief.  There are many ways that you can overload a mind - this induction is one of them. This may be for the more advanced hypo fetishist.

Today’s erotic journey begins with preparing your body and mind so that you can see more clearly and feel more intensely. If this is your first recording you may not see everything clearly at first but with time and repetition of this recording your ability to see and feel will grow.

Brought deep to the middle of the earth where a dungeon exists solely for my pleasure you are brought down naked and vulnerable. Weak and submissive, your control is further removed once shackled to the ceiling and walls. The whip, the blindfold, the sting of my hand as it smacks your bare buttocks...nothing can create the excitement and anticipation that my strap on generates. Not allowed to speak you can only but moan and beg for more. With each gyration of my hips and thrust of the rubber extension of my self (my strap on) you will only want more time to relish the filling of the emptiness within you.


Domination, spanking, strap on play/anal play, cum command

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Format: MP3 Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 37 minutes, 16seconds

Price: $37.99


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