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Mistress Candice



For a "prolonged" Orgasm

Masturbation instruction

Release date:  09/2013



Kneel with cock in hand and prepare to be Cum Manded.  Sounds easy right? It is!!! All you have to do is follow Mistresses instructions. As if by remote control I will lead you through a prolonged masturbatory experience using my skills, talents and a little bit of lesbian porn (just a tad) to take you on that roller coaster ride of ups and dons and holds! Yes you will hold it until you are Cummanded!



This video is intended for those 18 and over. By clicking play you are acknowledging you are at least  18 years of age

Format: wmv and mp4 video Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: Approx 11+  min


A review by one of my faithful

"WOW.... Ok, Let me repeat that, WOW. Mistress Candice's new release "Edge" is a certifiable 5 star "WOW"! Introduced with a "jazzy" new beginning it quickly gets down to the "meat" of the matter. No hypnosis is needed here.... Just Mistress' commanding presence to direct you on what She wants from you and what She wants for You!

You will assume your rightful place.... naked and on your knees in obedience before Her. She makes it clear that distance is not a problem as She is controlling you remotely from Her computer! You will have no choice in any of Her directives. It is Her property that She allows you to stroke and make erect for Her! She has no use for a flaccid cock!

But wait.... It is not quite that simple. You will be directed to "start" and "stop" and come to the "Edge" but of course no release is permitted without Her command! It is even more xxxciting when you realize that your obedience and subservience is what makes Mistress moist! 

If you get xxxcited by the relinquishing of all control to a beautiful, Dominant Mistress (as I do) and want to be completely unable to do other than what She commands... (You can't even let go once She directs the action) then "Edge" is for you. Be forewarned, however.... after experiencing "Edge" there will be only one word that you will be able to use to describe the experience. WOW! ;) "




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