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Mistress Candice


Glory Hole-iday

Release date:  04/2012



Mistress has a gift for you! A gift that keeps giving over and over. The portal to pleasure this glorious adventure is about to begin! There are so many holes you just don't notice, what a pity that so many opportunities are lost! Well not any more! Let me into your mind, let the hypnosis put you in an open frame of mind so you will notice every hole in every wall, regardless of texture or color just like your cock! Yes my sweet cocksuckers it is time for a tasty treat you just can't beat! The portal to pleasure is perfect for those of you who like a meaty surprise that Mistress feeds you. In this video we have black, white, rubber and even flesh cock for all hypnotized cocksuckers to enjoy!  There is a flicker throughout, not strong, it is NOT strobe but similar to so you may not want to watch if you are prone to seizures. WARNING THIS IS A PROGRAMMING VIDEO!

This has NUDITY all throughout Making a sample very hard to create, I am wearing a fishnet top where nipples are clearly visible throughout, there are toys and cock in this video so you are fairly warned this is a dirty video for all my Glory hole sluts and Glory Hole slut wannnabes!


Format: HD and standard video Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: no
Length: Approx 25+  min

Price: $39.99

This file comes in two sizes-Broadband and MP4 both are enclosed






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