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Release date:  08/2010



A beautiful weather girl with tons of zest and zeal, sometimes thought of as campy or ditzy,  joyfully shares the weather experience with her massive viewing audience. But is she real? Is she nothing more than a computer generated image or perhaps a figment of someone's imagination?  In the beginning you will see clues, inconsistencies, strange things that may appear to be a weird glitch but how can you know?  When you watch the weather how can you be sure of what you are really seeing or what you are really hearing?  Tapping into that very issue, my weather girl Sandy Shores will lead you down and, right to me. At first she is just a pretty distraction but before you know what's happened, Mistress Candice takes over. It soon becomes apparent I am the one guiding this experience and to prove it I produce a heat wave you may be feeling for quite some time...triggered by your every day weather girl. 

This video is designed specifically for those curious about hypnosis and ask themselves the question "Can I be hypnotized by a video?" It is about hypnosis and power exchange. A trancer's delight as we flirt with the subtle Fem Domme undertone. The only lingering suggestions you may deal with after viewing is growing a little warm when you watch the weather! Other than that there are no Post hypnotic suggestions. G-rated.

Recorded in studio


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Format: HD VIDEO

Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 24+ +  minutes

Going into retirement. Last chance to purchase 19.99



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