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Hooked on Porn

wmv and mp4


Release date:  07/2013


Sex, sex, sex. The most natural of things is so taboo that even the most resistant find themselves lured into the cardinal pleasures playing out before them. The internet is full of porn. It's every where you look and those pop ups can show up even when you aren't looking! Go ahead click it. What good porn if you aren't watching? This video contains various pornographic scenes; 2 women, a woman and 2 men, anal, double penetration and oral, but most of all it has my voice guiding you through the process. First hypnotizing you, opening your mind, dissolving your resistance and then showing you how you are a PART of the porn. Not simply some guy sitting at his computer NO you have a role to play in this porn YOU are a part of it. Your arousal level will rise and fall with the changing scenes but your part in this porn is clear and soon it will be clear to you!

This is all MEAT. The induction is about 7 minutes and the rest is all pornographic video and Mistresses voice penetrating your mind.



Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: approx 23+ minutes
Price: $35.99


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