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Brainwashing, mindless masturbation, PHS, Amnesia

Release date:  11/2013


A certain level of intelligence and creativity is needed to be a mind slave but make no mistake as you listen you can feel yourself becoming weak weak weak. You wont even know youíre a mind slave because your mind will pull the world over your own eyes. Your beliefs act like trance inducers, I donít need to convince your mind that it is melting into that of my pet your mind is stuck inside your own reality, you are weak in the presence of women, too weak to resist when I call to you. In this recording you will serve women but more specifically you will feel pulled to ME. Using your orgasm to seal your new programming don't expect to  remember everything. This POTENT recording has binaural beats, theta waves and more... Enjoy the ride, what you remember of it.


This is designed for hands free orgasm but for some it is fine if you need to use your hands until you achieve hands free.

Here are some of the words my guneia pigs used when listening

"Lost track of time"




  Post hypnotic Triggers, cum command


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Format: MP3 Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 33+ minutes




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