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Orgasm Earned


Release date:  2013


More often than you would think I have subs come to me and say they would do anything for me but don't know what to do. There are so very very many things a sub can do to please his Mistress besides calling her and buying her things.  In this daily devotional I give you several ways in which you can make yourself worthy of orgasm. What a wonderful reward.  Without doing one of these a day orgasm will stay away. No cumming without earning it. Just because your hard doesn't mean you should cum. You want to cum? EARN IT!

There is an added benefit to completing the 7 assignments that cost absolutely nothing contained in this task. Besides earning your right to orgasm you earn your right to a free recording...video or mp3 of your choice. Instructions are inside! Serve me and be rewarded.

This is a written set of assignments and for a short time only I am including it in mp3 form.




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