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Panty Hose Task


Release date:  01/2015



This assignment includes 2 pictures of Mistress in pantyhose and if you complete the task you will get the mp3 the Nylon web free (29.99 value).

Panty hose are perfect in every way. They are all encompassing, they are caressing and

comforting smoothing away all flaws, smoothing away all tension. The way they feel

only matched by the way they smell! Oh yes they have a distinct scent! The kind I wear is

called no nonsense sheer to the waist I get them on Amazon in a shipment of 8 but you

can get a pair at the grocery store as well.

I want you to do things. There is no time frame for these tasks but if you provide me a

picture...face or no face, of your leg in a pair of panty hose you will get my mp3 Nylon

web free of charge! Just email that you have completed the panty hose pucker task and

enclose a pic and I will send it to you. Easy Peasy!









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