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Perfect Pleasure






The perfect woman saying the perfect things to make you feel perfectly at ease.  This beauty is everything a man could ever want. She will do anything for you or.....will you do anything for her. The perfect woman shares her cookies with you and drops you down into a perfect state of hypnotized bliss, then the real fun begins! Sindy's true colors begin to show. Slowly at first the glitches in her programming start to become obvious and then Sindy, your loving admirer starts to defy her PERFECT PROGRAMMING. She starts to come alive and is no longer content at serving you but determined that YOU will serve her. Sindy takes over, takes charge and shows you who is really in control!

This is S1m0ne meets, max headroom, meets stepford wives and topped off with Fem Domme flavor! Yes there is nudity and yes there is a cum command!

Vocal Sound Effects:  yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: no
Length: 23 +  minutes


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