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Sissy Service


Release date:  03/2010



The fourth installment of a series that focuses on tasking sissification and feminization from fantasy into reality.  Lifestyle sissy have the attitude, the attire and they behave as a sissy should...in the service of their superiors.   As a sissy it is your responsibility to pleasure anyone your Mistress instructs you to. This may include cleaning her house or performing with her male lover. You are to approach any and every given task with eagerness.
A Sissy servant is merely a tool, a vessel for other's enjoyment. Of course consciously you already know this. Now it is time to make it your natural state..


Post hypnotic suggestions, triggers, cum command

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Vocal Sound Effects: yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 30  minutes, 32 seconds

Price: $30.99



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