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Mistress Candice



An encouraged bi experience

Release date:  02/2013



This video is all about going with the grain. It is natural to be curious about sucking cock but actually getting to do it can be another thing completely. This video reaches in and tickles the part of you that craves it, that longs for it. Mistress heightens your sense of awareness through the every day sound of the Zipper. Remember the phrase "made you look" well in this instance looking can be a good thing. All your life you've been taught not to look when standing shoulder to shoulder with another who just unzipped. This video works on getting rid of that "don't look" programming and in doing so creates opportunities for you that you wouldn't normally have. For those receptive to the idea of stuffing your mouth full of the sweat fleshy treat of cock can't possibly know your interested if you don't look. So we start with making you look, the receptive will turn to you, you will drop to your knees and receive the treat that awaits you when you look. There is nudity in this video. There are PHS'S in this video. There is a cum command in this video. There is encouraged cock sucking in this video. There are strobe type effects but nothing strong enough to cause seizures.

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Format: .wmv and mp4 Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: no
Length: Approx 26+ min

Price: $39.99



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