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Sphincter Relaxer

(Anal prep)

Release date:  09/2012



Pure programming at it's finest. So many of you have asked for help relaxing when it comes time to anal play. Triggers to help you relax and ever take bigger and better than you already do! So this recording is simply about helping aid you in relaxing the Sphincter for some Anal play.  This is a tad naughty I admit it, I can't help myself but it is less about erotic imagery and more about Anal prep. Open and ye shall receive for Penetration is pleasure!

So this comes in 3 forms You can buy it as just an mp3 or you can buy it as a video or you can buy it as both. You will notice that the mp3 and the video are the same price. I've done this because the video is all of some of the coolest spiral videos and effects I have. There is no sexy photos or vid. Yes I'm in a little bit of it but you should be so hypnotized you barely notice me.

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Format: MP3, WMV AND MP4 Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: no
Length: approx 28+  minutes,

Going into retirement. Last chance to purchase 19.99

28.99                       29.99           

MP3                      WMV&MP4      



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