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Tethered Obedience

 (Post hypnotic triggers)




 Obedience isn't something you acquire over night. First it is offered and then it is accepted and if it was a piece of chocolate it would be a fairly easy transaction, but it's not. It is like a regular relationship with extra dimensions to it. It is a process of understanding and adjustment. Using a choke collar made of chain and standing over you yelling commands and if you were a dog that might actually work if you combined it with a few other techniques. However, I find penetrating your mind a highly intimate act in which all consequence, positive or negative can have a much more intense meaning. This hypnotic recording is about as intense as it gets. Its time to start your training and this is the first thing I would recommend you to listen too.

Format: MP3 Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: no
Overdubbing Vocals: no (except for about 20 seconds)
Length: approx 30 min
Price: $29.99





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