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Tranny Harem

 (Trans sexual-forced bi-hypnosis)

Release date:  07/15



Harem literally means "something forbidden or kept safe. To most men Harem means many women who exist to satisfy your every sexual desire! In this Erotic audio porn the only person serving will be you! Yes these beautiful women are also in need of service but there is something different in this Harem fantasy and its called cock! Sucked in and compelled to serve by the time you realize every beautiful woman is complete with cock it's too late to "pull out". You are the Harem ho, your soul purpose is to satisfy those who are starving for the attention you will be providing. The art of suck and fuck comes alive when you are compelled to your knees to serve this perfect Tranny Harem!


Best when used with headset


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Format: MP3 Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes-
Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: no
Length: 33+ minutes,





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