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Triggered Lust

HD and Broadband!

Release date:  10/2010



Tease and Denial, layer upon layer of triggers this video exploits  man's lust. 

The beginning of this relaxing hypno journey begins with the sweet spray of perfume and carries you down with a shiny glistening pendant. Mistress Candice gets your guard knows how to get your guard down!  Once you begin to drift into that peaceful twilight state at the very brink of sleep the viewer is lulled into a sweet state of hypnotic bliss and then when you think you know where this video is going everything changes.
First you are well on your way to what seems like a coma then your pulled from the depths into an erotically charged state of exhilaration, a sexual roller coaster with blind curves. Post Hypnotic suggestions are the main premise of this video so please do not purchase if you do not want them!


Recorded in studio


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 .wmv VIDEO  download in HD and broadband

Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 23 minutes

Price: $39.99



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