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Attention Whore


(Cross Dressing

Release date: 4/2013


When my girlfriends and i went to Vegas we were a tad bored. I know that's hard to do in Vegas but apparently we were at the old folks casino because there was nothing but old men in socks and sandals. So my girlfriends and I, with the help of a little vodka came up with a wonderful game that we played all over the strip.  The game goes like this, you must get a man who is standing next to a woman to turn his head  and look at you. It's not enough to get his attention and make his eyes dart, oh no. He has to fully turn his head. Now sometimes it just about lots of cleavage or just bending over the right way or even asking for direction but it's absolutely cheating if you aren't wearing panties!

This game is a variation on the game me and my friends played, it is for all my cross dressers who want to go out into public and get a little attention for the feminine things they do without getting into trouble. Get points and when you complete this task you simply send me in your points (as specified in the task) along with the name of an MP3 you would like to have and I will send it to you. ANY MP3 FREE just for completing this fun task/game!





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