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Gang banging Ho-House

(Hypnosis-transgender-hypno porn)

 Release date:  03/2011



Who gets down and dirty and doesn't make any apologies for it? The working girl thats who and today that's YOU! Yes my pet drift down to a hypnotically blissful trance on a beautiful spring day and awaken to find yourself under the desert moon at a house of Sin. Everything and everyone is frozen like statues, you see people frozen in time a line of scantily clad women all in various stages of undress. Unmoving you are safe to explore and you do...until you come upon a room, a special room unlike any other... When time suddenly starts again you are caught in the momentum, in the moment, you are the perfect whore with the perfect little pussy in the most perfect of Ho-houses! Then an announcement comes over the speaker, your gangbang party begins and as woman of the night you are ready for it!



Best with headset

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Format: MP3 Download
Vocal Sound Effects: yes
Soft Background Music: yes
Overdubbing Vocals: yes
Length: 30 minutes, 42 seconds

Price: $29.99



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