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This is one of the most informative, high information naughty games I've ever made!  First you pick which route to go.....Naughty slut or sweet sissy. You go through 5 stages 5 levels on each side, Each email contains instructions and photo or video on what you must do as a sweet sissy or a dirty slut. As you go through the rewards within each email become greater and greater until the final step!!! On the Naughty side the final reward is a video Suck N Serve which is a $30 value free just for playing the game all the way through.  On the Sweet side your instructions and rewards grow until the final reward which is an MP3 magic panties which is valued at $30 but you get it free!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!  In the final stage, the final email not only do you get your freebie but you have an opportunity to get a SECOND freebie!!!!!

If you are a want to be Naughty Slut its time to walk to slutsville and I will take you there every step of the way from make up and clothes to toys and fucking and sucking.

If you are a Sweet sissy who is looking for more help to be feminine I will walk you every step of the way starting with your feminine posture, to skipping and curtsy all the way to dressing, walking and talking the way every Sweet sissy should!

Get started here!



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